As well as concerts the band also enjoys taking part in a range of contests throughout Great Britain, having previously competed in: London, Blackpool and Preston. The band is

currently in the 2nd section and competes in the North West Area Brass Band competition annually.

In the last 29 contests entered, which spans 10 years, our record equals 9 firsts, 6 thirds and 2 second places. This means the band has achieved a top 3 finish in almost two thirds of all contests entered in the last decade.

Recent Results

  • 13th – North West Area – 25th February 2018
  • 2nd – Brass At The Guild 2018 – 28th January 2018
  • 8th – North West Area – 26th February 2017




For full details of previous competitions the band has entered and results pleaseĀ Click Here.